About Me

Full-Stack Web Developer

Tyler Allmon

After graduating high school, I attended Centriq Training's Full-Stack Web Developer program shortly after to jump straight into the career field I enjoy. After finishing Centriq, I worked as a Jr. .Net Developer as Liquid Logics for a year working primarily in ASP.NET Web Forms.

I have always had a passion for technology since my grandfather owned a computer shop. He sparked my interest and shaped my eye for detail that has lead me here today.


Detail Oriented

Finding and making sure small details that could make or break something is what I tend to spend time making sure works.


I make sure that what I do, whatever the case may be, is easy for others to be able to understand what and how I carried out the task.

Problem Solving

Debugging code is something I find exciting. Commended for being able to help classmates and co-workers finding and solving bugs.

Ability to Adapt

Being the age I am, I see myself as a blank slate, able to adapt to new work standards quickly and effectively.